Consider data protection aspects even during software development

Are you a developer or programmer and would you like to drive innovations according to ethical principles? Then you will surely come across the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). User-friendly and sustainable programs, applications and software solutions equipped with clear roles and authorization concepts are your defined goals? I am proud to support you actively in the implementation. Together we will find effective ways to integrate the data protection aspect into your software development.

Your advantages with me as a consulting partner

• Experience in IT and understanding of programming
• Many years of experience as a TÜV-certified, external data protection officer
• Short communication channels and response times
• Individual support in every project status

If you understand Privacy by Design as part of your development philosophy, I look forward to collaborating with you.

data protection through technology design – this is how I can support you

For me as a data protection software development advisor, everything starts with a personal conversation. That’s when you tell me all about your project, which function the software or app should fulfill, which data is processed and in which business model it is sold. Based on this information I can figure out which data protection aspects you should consider in order to develop your products in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Then I’ll show you specifically what you can optimize regarding data protection as a programmer during the development phase. I share my recommendations and solutions according to data protection aspects and I am in ongoing contact with you. If further questions arise in between, we will find the right answers together.
I am happy to give you my constructive feedback in every phase of the project. Ideally, however, you book my advice in the first phase of your project. This way you avoid later costs and stress.

Privacy by Design and Sustainability in software development

The reduction of the collection of personal data to the principle of purpose limitation primarily safeguards the personal rights of the user. However, there is another reason why it is worth considering data protection during software engineering. The keyword is sustainability!

Large amounts of data take up space and use up resources. The software, EDP programs and apps perfected by data protection measures require less storage space and thus ultimately less energy. In this way, you can already make your contribution to sustainability during the GDPR-compliant software development.

Developing software in compliance with data protection regulations pays off

Especially for your own ethical principles. But also, for the associated energy savings, which will also play a role for environmentally conscious users. The implementation of data protection already during the software and app development is therefore worth the effort.

In addition to supporting data protection-based software and app development, I also offer data protection consulting for companies from every industry with digital business models. I am happy to help you implementing the GDPR requirements in your company as well. In addition, you will find further services at package prices in my online shop.

Would you like to continue to deal with the topic, but prefer to impart knowledge in smaller doses? Then have a look at my data protection blog. There you will find articles on different aspects in this large subject area.

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