External data protection officer with a passion for innovation and technology

The Internet provides endless expanses – and a large playground for programmers, developers, as well as advertisers and online business. As in every game, there are rules to be observed in the digitized world. They have been specified by the GDPR since 2018 and their implementation in companies is supported by external data protection officers like me.

As a TÜV-certified external data protection officer my services are:

• Competent data protection consulting for companies in German and English
• Practically oriented support in questions of data protection in software development
• Specialized online offers
• Further information on the topic in my data protection blog
• A large specialist network of cooperation partners in the fields of law and IT security in Germany and Switzerland
• International service: From Drakenburg to all over the world – thanks to digitization!

Why should you book me for your data protection issues? I speak your language, have many years of experience as a data protection consulting officer and always find a solution for your individual challenges.

My balancing act between two parallel worlds

I feel at home in two worlds: in the beautiful, colorful world of technology, which is full of innovative possibilities, and in the limited world of game management, in which I act as a company representative for the implementation of the data protection rules.

Even at school I was enthusiastic about researching the gadgets that programming had to offer. Then as now, my great imagination drew me into the science fiction world, where space and time are endless, and limits are there to be crossed. My favorite shows include Lost in Space, Star Trek Discovery, and Star Trek Picard.

Even during my time as a project coordinator in the IT and software area, I kept my technical curiosity and my playful instinct. Only a pinch of realism has been added. You see, when I advise developers and programmers on data protection issues, I’ll meet you on an equal footing. May the force be with us!

As a TÜV-certified, external data privacy officer specializing in digital business models, I have been working for a long time. My clients come from many different industries and countries because data protection concerns everyone who does business in the digital space. Nowadays, that makes up the majority of businesses.

H2 LITC – that’s where I come from, that’s what I stand for

My company name lives in two worlds just like me. At the beginning of my consulting activity, the focus was still on IT consulting in the field of IT projects and process analyzes, even if the topic of data protection was also on my agenda at the time. The brand therefore stood for Lieffering IT Consulting.

Over the years, the focus of my services has reversed. External data protection consulting specializing in digital business models is my only business area nowadays.

That is why today LITC stands for:

L – Learning is my passion. I don’t want to maintain the status quo. I want to move forward and take on challenges. I am constantly learning from and with my customers.

I – Innovation-loving. I am passionate about the innovations and ideas of my customers, and I am proud to be able to contribute to them.

T – Technology enthusiastic. “The Sky is the Limit” technology inspires my imagination to the limit.

C – Courageous. Determined and purposeful, I support and accompany my customers in their challenges of data protection and GDPR.

My goal is to use my services as a representative to make data protection requirements easy to understand and to implement for every company. I give the necessary practical knowledge in terms of handling personal data to all departments of your business.

If my support as an external data protection officer inspires you to live data protection in your company as part of your business philosophy, then my goal has been achieved.

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